Saturday, 4 August 2012

Rainy Season Skincare

Skin Care
Rainy Season Skincare
  • With My Hands on Her Waist
  • I Take It Slow,
  • No Rush, No Haste
  • The Rain Slowly Falls
  • And the Full Moon Shines
  • She Slides Her Arms around My Neck,
  • And Says? Your Mine?
  • The Rain Picks Up and It Soaks Our Hair
  • But Our Eyes Are Focused, We Have No Cares
  • I Whisper In Her Ear,
  • I Love You My Dear
  • You Will Always Be Smiling,
  • You Have No Use For Tears?
This poem caught my eyes as I brows the internet. The rainy season after the intense summer is the feeling of coolness and freshness. We feel much pleasant while look for the dark clouds spreading across the sky. But the irritating side of this season is to have excess of sweating with increased moisture in the atmosphere.The sweat can not evaporates because the air already saturate with moisture .The skin and health problems increased due to this humidity in the air.

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